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Paday wolvies by KariSparda Paday wolvies :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 1 0 Og 4 Pd2 by KariSparda Og 4 Pd2 :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0 Simon by KariSparda Simon :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 2 0 Payday gang. by KariSparda Payday gang. :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 1 0
We Bare Bears x Reader (Isaac) 4
(Isaacs P.O.V )
I sat next to (F/n) she  started to shudder and weep silently into my shoulder. Her boss, after retreving  the security guard, and making sure the attempting rapist was escorted out, came over and patted (F/n)'s back.
"Why don't you go home for the rest of the day?" (F/n) nodded and slowly stood up and handed me my jacket and smiled softly,
"Thanks for saving me and for letting me use your jacket, Issac..." Then she proceeded to leave. As if it was instinct, I reached out and gently grabbed her hand,
"Your scared," I murmured to her, "I should walk you home...." Feeling my cheeks and ears warm up again. (F/n) nodded and turned to her boss.
"Mr. Myers are you sure? I-i can stay a little bit longer if needed...." Myers shook his head and looked at her sternly,
"No. Not after what happened to you. Soon the police are going to be up here and they'll start to badger you. That's not what you need... At least not right now.... Go." With that she nodded to him. I stoo
:iconkarisparda:KariSparda 15 1
For a Friend by KariSparda
Mature content
For a Friend :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0
Mature content
Human!We Bare Bears x Reader (3) :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 9 4
Human!We Bare Bears x Reader (2)
(Ice Bear: Issac)
Your ran into the tall white haired one. Spilling (f/d) all over him and your (f/s). Apologizing quickly and franticly you looked around for some napkins.
"S-sorry!! I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to spill that all over you!! I-"
"Issac is fine." He looked at you. Yet again, his eyes sending shivers down your back.... You weren't sure if it sure if it was a necessarily bad feeling. But perhaps it was the way he looked down at you.... Well at least you could get a better look at him. Grizz looked over at the two of you and smiled at Issac.
"Hey! You OK bro?" Issac simply nodded. You looked to Grizz, apologetically,
"I didn't mean to run into your brother.... I-" Pan-Pan came up to you and gently dabbed.
"It's alright," he smiled, "at least it wasn't hot coffee..." You smiled.
"Thank you..."
(Third P.O.V)
The girl whom had bumped into him had startled him. But only a little bit. She seemed more concerned with his being, rather than her own....
'Confusing...' He thought to
:iconkarisparda:KariSparda 46 16
Human!We Bare Bears x Reader
There you where sitting in the cafe again... Alone... Stood up, because some jerk you met on the internet refused to come...
'Damn catfish probably....' You sighed to yourself and rested your chin in your hand. Carelessly people watching. As the door to the cafe gave a little 'ding', you looked up. To see three guys walk in. One with short brown hair and a happy smile as he talked and looked at the other two behind him. He was about 5'7" or 5'8". And light brown skin... Almost a light caramel tone... With pretty chocolate brown eyes and a bit of a scruffy but clean look. The second behind him shorter 5'5" maybe.... But his appearance was very much deemed adorable. Big, round, black bifocals, that only made his dark brown eyes look bigger when he glanced around the cafe, giving the other his answers. His hair was short much like the first, but purely black... And had a bit of a sheen to it... But seemed soft and fluffy to the touch. The last to walk in was the tallest. He had white hair
:iconkarisparda:KariSparda 43 9
Connor and his Pokemans by KariSparda Connor and his Pokemans :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 1 3 Connor Kenway by KariSparda Connor Kenway :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0 Connor Kenway by KariSparda Connor Kenway :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 1 0 Herio's final form by KariSparda
Mature content
Herio's final form :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0
Heriophobia by KariSparda
Mature content
Heriophobia :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0
Chrono's final form by KariSparda
Mature content
Chrono's final form :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0
Chronophobia King of the Time Spectrum by KariSparda
Mature content
Chronophobia King of the Time Spectrum :iconkarisparda:KariSparda 0 0


Big Grimoire with teeth named Jeff by MilleCuirs Big Grimoire with teeth named Jeff :iconmillecuirs:MilleCuirs 42 6 John Wick by AndrewKwan John Wick :iconandrewkwan:AndrewKwan 289 11 Chinese Zodiac.:Rat:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Rat:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,180 382 TES: Hitting on Farkas by Abadir TES: Hitting on Farkas :iconabadir:Abadir 839 150 Skyrim Adventures - Farkas by FrostDrop Skyrim Adventures - Farkas :iconfrostdrop:FrostDrop 456 107 Commission: Farkas by the-Orator Commission: Farkas :iconthe-orator:the-Orator 793 46 Litten and Rowlet by turnipBerry Litten and Rowlet :iconturnipberry:turnipBerry 671 50
Confessions and Math (Soldier76 x reader au part2)
       It has only been one day since you’ve visited Hana and found out about her hot dad. It was hard to keep Jack off of your mind ever since you left the house to head back home. Hana was still in disbelief with the fact that you now have a crush on Jack. But that’s normal, right? It’s like from that one song called “Stacy's mom”, but with a dad and you weren’t dating their child. You were snapped from your mind space when someone snapped their fingers in front of your face.        
       “Earth to (y/n)! We still got a project to work on!” Lucio quickly reminded you that you were still in class. You somehow have completely forgotten everything around you since you were too busy in your thoughts. A few classmates who were nearby quietly laughed at your reaction to be suddenly brought back to reality.
       “Oh sorry dude, I just have a lot on my min
:iconyorucat202:yorucat202 42 4
Ulquiorra X Depressed! Reader 2
Ulquiorra x Depressed! Reader 2
'Todays the day. I'm going to tell him how I feel.' You happily skipped down the sidewalk.
"Hey loser, I'm talkin to you!" A feminine voice snapped you out of your trance as you were jerked around. You came face to face with Sharpai, well more like face to breasts. She's a "hot blond" or as most of the school that hasn't had sex with her "the total slut"; (tts). She was tall, big breasted, sun kissed blond hair that was balanced with waves and curls. It fell to her lower back, and finally, her eyes. Safire blue eyes that could either melt any mans heart or sent other competition to run and hide.
"Were you even listening?" She glared down at you, but you stood your ground.
"No, I've been practicing the art of ignoring trash. Like the whore that's standing infront of me right now~" you smiled. She  was fumming.
"Who the hell do you think your talking to?!!?"She pushed you down to the ground.
"I, am Sharpie Niomie!" She declared.
"Yeah, your parents na
:iconkirafaustus:KiraFaustus 85 31
Byakuya X Reader Arranged Marrage Chapter 1
"______?" You raise your eyes to your Captain "Yes Captain Komamura?" You asked as you placed your pen down "Your mother has informed me that she'd like to speak with you" you nodded and got up, making your way to your family house. "Mom! You needed me?" You shouted as you opened the door and spot her at the table with a cup of tea.
"Yes. Since you’re at the age that nobles marry, we have found an eligible man for you to marry. In less than a week you will be married to Byakuya Kuchki, no objections, it has been decided" she took a long sip from her tea. "Hold on! I don't even know Byakuya! And I should be able to choose whom I marry!"
She turned to look over his shoulder "You know as well as I do. You are of one of the noble clans and will marry someone of a noble clan as well. And you’re lucky we were able to find someone your age." "But he is so emotionless! Totally opposite of me!" She turned back around and started walking "Stop shouting, it's unladylike. Also we want
:iconwildwolf1111111111:wildwolf1111111111 246 33
Assistance (Shanks x Reader) PART 1
Your head was filled with a pleasant buzzing as you sat at the bar, a cup of sake before you and an absent smile on your face. It had been a long time since you had felt solid ground beneath your feet, and what better way to celebrate the arrival at a new island after weeks at sea than a visit to the local tavern.
You grinned widely at the rowdy pirates around you, chuckling along with their jokes and tales, when you felt a body slide up next to you. You turned to find a handsome man with shocking red hair and three parallel scares running diagonally across his left eye. He offered you a sexy, lopsided smile and leaned in close by your ear, his hot breath ruffling your hair. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, and see its influence in the redness of his cheeks and unfocused gaze. You expected him to say something smooth, witty even, but as his lips parted he surprised you by uttering two simple words.
“Nice ass.”
Shanks!” you cri
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 430 71
Tony x Reader |Jealous moments #1|
It was 11pm when you entered the kitchen. Unfortunately, sleep didn't come to you when your bed was absent of your genius boyfriend, Tony Stark, so it was a pleasure to find both Clint and Loki awake and in the living room. Your attention, however, had quickly fixated on where Loki's vest and green button up shirt were drenched in water. Clint stood, bow in hand, grinning at the drinking glass pierced by an arrow.
"You imbecile! How dare you! I am a god!"
"Hey, hey. Relax," (Name) smiled. She took a seat beside the heated God of Mischief.  "It's just water."
"Yeah," Clint mocked. Sticking his tongue out like a child.
"And Clint, what did we tell you about playing Robin Hood in the apartment?"
Loki snickered at this. "Yes, Barton. Why don't you go to a park and hang from a tree?" Clint shot the prince a glare.
"Anyways. Can we watch a movie?" It was what you normally did when Tony was away on a business trips.
"Tony out of town still? "Clint smirked.
"Unfortunately." You pouted.
:iconlovethatloki:LoveThatLoki 73 1
Bruce Lee Jedi by ameeeeba Bruce Lee Jedi :iconameeeeba:ameeeeba 3,951 390 A S R I E L by Uvrenaux A S R I E L :iconuvrenaux:Uvrenaux 3,349 105 It's the end by deadsomejack It's the end :icondeadsomejack:deadsomejack 10 3 But it refused... again by Angelo-XD But it refused... again :iconangelo-xd:Angelo-XD 431 34


Ok guys... I just found out my military leave date is Dec 3... Im going to post as much stuff as I can hopefully to be enough for the next three months.... I'm gunna miss the internet...😭 and all you lovely deviants...😹


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